Overview about the service

In recent years, there has been much interest to extract man-made objects from satellite images such as buildings, roads, trees, ships, airplanes, etc. Extracting this valuable information would be of extreme vitality particularly for municipalities, military, civil entities and other government agencies. It plays a key role for a variety of applications, such as urban planning, environmental monitoring, land use/land cover mapping, agriculture discriminating, etc. With a sub-meter resolution provided by KhalifaSat, a wider range of man-made objects become perceptible and even can be independently recognized more than ever. This releases new perspectives in the field of automatic object detection. Deep learning based methods have become the state of the art in solving object detection problems [1]. This novel concept will be used in developing smart tools and applications (in-house) to extract objects from 70 cm resolution imagery. Figure6 illustrates some of the objects that can be extracted from KhalifaSat images.