Automated Surveying Using AI & Google Maps Satellite Imagery

In this session, InfraLytiks will present some very interesting capabilities and case studies for automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) case studies for Satellite Data based automated surveying. The focus will be on a case study have been successfully developed and completed by InfraLytiks for engineering surveying & planning. AI has been used to automatically identify and generate shapefiles for objects of interest for surveying such as road attribute detection, tress cover, water body & structure types identification from Google Maps API. A live demo will also be performed to showcase the AI algorithm in actions along with additional software features. InfraLytiks is a complex data analytics and automation company based in the USA & UAE that specializes in engineering-based data analytics and development of custom software products.


29 Jun 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am




  • Akash Vidyadharan
    Akash Vidyadharan
    Chief Technology Officer

    · Founder & CTO of InfraLytiks
    · 4+ years of successful company operations in USA
    · Experience in leading ML, AI, Automation & Software Development
    · Experience in Robotics & Drone Development & Automation
    · BS Aerospace Engineering
    · MS Aerospace Engineering
    · M.Eng. Systems Engineering
    · Iowa State University, USA