Service Overview

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) offers Antenna Hosting Services to local and international companies and institutions, which enable them to take advantage of a high-end infrastructure equipped according to the highest standards. This service includes land leasing within the MBRSC grounds for local and international customers who wish to install an antenna in the UAE.

Integrated support services include regular follow-up and maintenance programs implemented by a team of highly qualified and skilled technicians and engineers. After leasing the land, the team develops, prepares and upgrades the necessary infrastructure. It provides assistance in operating and managing the antenna to ensure its readiness to support uplink and downlink operations. Once administrative approvals are obtained, the service is provided immediately.

Service Description

MBRSC provides the following services to support hosting a ground station:

  • Providing the necessary location and facilities to host antenna and RF subsystems in MBRSC’s facility in Dubai.
  • Supporting the planning and preparation of the site to host the GS.
  • Arranging the necessary approvals from local authorities to build the infrastructure and host the system.
  • Supporting RF license registration with TRA.
  • Supporting the ground communication lines setup.
  • Providing complete support including regular follow-up and maintenance programs.
  • Coordinating with local suppliers if needed to deliver services.
  • Supporting customs clearance.
  • Providing the utilities to support hosting the GS.