Best Student Poster Award

The “Best Student Poster Award” recognizes the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the UAE universities and academic institutions, who demonstrated their research excellence in the field of geo-science and remote sensing along with Geographical Information System (GIS). They can submit their abstracts/posters in one or more of the following disciplines: Science and Exploration, Applications and Operations, Technology, Infrastructure in addition to Space and Society.

To be considered for this award, students are required to:

Submit an abstract (~ 400 words) and A0 Poster to IAC 2021 describing the idea and motivation behind the proposed research, the scientific merit and the originality of the proposed methodology as well as the expected findings.

Abstract and Poster Submission

Students are required to submit an abstract consisting of a title, author list (main author / co-authors) and the abstract text (project description, expected results and findings). Please note that the abstract text is limited to 2800 characters (~400 words). The authors’ information will appear automatically and should not be inserted manually. Tables or graphs/images should not be included in the abstract. For a proper submission, kindly keep to the following steps:

Step 1: Submit your abstract to IAC 2021 via , no later than 28th February 2021.

Step 2: Download the pdf version of your abstract, which includes the paper ID for your reference, as shown below.

Step 3: Submit your A0 Poster along with the pdf version of your abstract to the IAC 2021 MBRSC Awards Committee via [email protected] . Make sure that you write the following in your e-mail subject (BSPA # your paper ID) to be able to easily recognize your submission for future reference.

Afterwards, the IAC 2021 MBRSC Awards Committee will review all the submitted abstracts and posters and will evaluate them according to the evaluation criteria illustrated below. Please note that the notification of the winner poster will be announced on 29th April 2021. Students are welcome to submit more than one abstract/poster to increase their chances of winning.

Evaluation Criteria


  • Scientific merit, motivation and Originality of the topic
  • Attractiveness of the subject
  • Research innovation and practicality
  • Validity of research methodology
  • Ethical and Unbiased Abstract


  • An appropriate background providing a profound context for the subject
  • Clearly phrased research objectives
  • Appropriate and transparent Research design/methods/modeling
  • Clear and appropriate data sources
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Poster organization and ease of understanding 


5,000 AED and the “Best Student Poster Award” Certificate.

Contact Information

For more information, contact the IAC 2021 Awards Committee at [email protected]